It’s a Girl

It’s a girl!

A girl who will be judged by her appearance,

By the size of her breasts,

The length of her eyelashes,

The label on her clothes.

It’s a girl!

A girl who will play with Barbies

Until she becomes one.

A girl who will wear dresses and curl her hair

Because that is what being a girl means.

It’s a girl!

A girl who will never get the highest marks

Because her teacher just wants to look down her shirt

Or up her skirt,

Not in her eyes.

It’s a girl!

A girl who will become an expert chef,

The epitome of obedience,

The image of fragility and weakness.

It’s a girl!

A girl who will love

And lose,

Shed tears over the boy

Who forced upon her

The loss of her innocence.

Shed tears over her so-called friends

Who called her

A girl.

It’s a girl!

A girl whose tears will become her armour

Against a system dying to find her weaknesses,

Against a world dying to label a girl

As a girl.


12 thoughts on “It’s a Girl”

  1. It sure seems like girls can’t win sometimes — thank goodness that the world is getting more progressive and equal (in some respects). I can’t imagine what it was like to live 100 or 200 years ago 😦

    Great work. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed! Although I am very thankful to live in this generation where gender equality is discussed, it’s definitely different around the world!
      Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it!


      1. We still have a ways to go, in some respects (and in some places!). So true 😦 But I hope we’ll get there one day! My novel is about gender stereotypes, so this is a topic particularly close to my heart.


  2. It’s a girl who has penned down this,
    It’s a girl who is now breaking the stereotypes,
    It’s a girl who is going to bring about a change!

    I Know it’s totally different all round the world,yet we are trying our best to make a change. Probably that fine day will bring something positive


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