A like, a follow, a tweet, or shares Are the traps my generation ensnares. A world lies trapped within the screen Voicing the thoughts of the poet, athlete, drama queen. One wonders if it could have been foreseen; The demise of humanity, the loss of green? An illusion, a virtual reality Of foes turned friends, … More #antisocialmedia

Why I Write

Because language is the most powerful tool mankind has created. Because the pen is mightier than the sword when wielded with care. Because it is two words that begin a marriage, It is three words that can change a life, It is language which contains the key to understanding. Because the written word can take … More Why I Write

The Army at Dusk

Gazing out my window as the world settled to darkness, an army of towering metal structures approached me. They sucked power from the earth and gave it to the people who believed themselves to rule it. The army worked tirelessly in all hours of night and day, oblivious to their crimes.