Free Me

Free me From this cage I have built For myself. Free me From shattered mirrors Revealing broken dreams. Free me From this cage of glass Where all my suffering can be seen. Free me From this smoke-filled room, From the smoke That stings my eyes And fills my lungs. Free me From this pain Following … More Free Me


I long to be as fragile, as flexible as a leaf. I long to move with the wind, to be able to take in the sun’s energy and use it to create. I long to have the security of a branch, a tree holding me up. I long for the ability to live with the … More Fragility

Words on Fire

There is a flame that created us. There is a flame within us, Not to be doused but to be fed. There are fires that came before, Fires they danced and sang and Shared stories around. There are fires ahead. There is a fire in the hungry man on the street, A fire in the … More Words on Fire