A Tale of Two

One was a little crooked,

A little bent at the edges,

A flake in a storm

Much larger than it could grasp.

But to him, 

Two was perfect. 

A crisp wisp of something beautiful. 

The only problem – she was rather cold.

Through the cacophony of the storm

She heard his call,

And despite the howling winds within her,

A spark was ignited.

One looked at two

And two looked at one. 

One could say that he was half the snowflake that two deserved for 

One was crooked and two was beautiful. 

Oddly enough, they fell for each other.

And suddenly,

One became two,

Two united as one.

The crooked pieces no longer mattered,

For in a crooked world

It was two crooked pieces

That joined to create a puzzle.

One was rather odd but 

Two evened him out for that just the type of flake she was. 

Together they created three – a beautiful Crystallized droplet of water. 

Three took after one,

Still odd.

But together they were worth more than any of them alone

For that was the power that came with unity

Flakes together meant not storm,

But harmony.

Four mirrored two,

Possessed a beauty so strong,

Sharp as ice.

Ice that frayed her sense of self

And reality.

Amidst the storm

Other flakes looked to them cynically. 

But to one and two – two flakes whose love was sparked by serendipity, 

Only looked to each other. 

Enchanted by each other. 

Warmed by the radiance of each other.

Felt as if,

The susurration of the other snowflakes,

Did not matter – for together they could overcome anything.

Through strife and storm,

Through the cold seeping into every corner of their grey world,

Their love was the red, the golden, the bronze

The warmth and the hope that could only come from within,

A hope that echoed in the other’s heartbeat.

Although their love was immortal – they were not. 

The flakes were beings of frailty and the sun was beginning to come out. 

One looked at two, and two looked at one. 

They both understood as their world was undone. 

For before their own eyes the world started to melt 

But deep in their hearts it was love that they felt. 

One looked at two and two looked at one

Two started to weep for she knew it was done. 

One wiped off her tears because he knew,

This was the end of the tale of two.

Written in collaboration with Timely Eloquence (https://timelyeloquence.wordpress.com/)


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