The World Within Him

He is winter,

The soft snowflakes

At which you cannot help but stare

In wonder,

The wind carrying ice

Which reminds you that you are alive.

He is spring,

The warmth of hope, rebirth, revival,

The bud which dares to bloom

Against all adversity,

The floral fragrance which brings amity

To your wayward soul.

He is summer,

Soft sand whose grains

Polish your feet,

A sun whose warmth

Rekindles the fire in your spirit.

He is fall,

The comfort of apple cider and blankets

The soft crunching of leaves under boots.

He is the moon, the stars,

The light in the darkness

Shielding you from the night’s secrets.

He is the earth,

Full of wonder and mystery

A creation utterly exquisite;

He is home.

Artwork by Luiza Vizoli


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