An Open Letter to My Mother

Dear Mom,

There is no kind of love I may ever hope to experience as selfless and unconditional as yours. It is difficult to fathom the strength, the grandiosity of a mother’s love; of a person who will fight for you, who will quite literally go to the edges of the earth for you, who will ceaselessly defy whatever odds are put in front of her. A person whose tenderness, whose simple acts and words of affection have built you a foundation so strong earthquakes could not shake it. A mother.

What is most difficult, however, is accepting that I will never be able to satisfy myself with thanking you. I will never be able to thank you enough or repay you for the sacrifices you have made for me, but I will never stop trying to do those things. Thank you for bringing orange juice with ice cubes in it in my favourite cup to my room when you know I’ll be up late studying. Thank you for coming to my rescue, for defending and supporting me when I am challenged. Thank you for taking me wherever I need to be, even if you had to break your sleep and the roads were icy. Thank you for staying up through the night when I got sick, for making sure I took my medicine and got my rest, for being the most dedicated doctor in the world. Thank you for loving and understanding me even when I am at my worst, and for fixing all the world’s problems with your hugs.

I am sorry for all the cruel things this world has done to you. I am sorry I get frustrated and I’m growing and you know I don’t mean harm. I am sorry this world told you staying home, cooking, cleaning, are the things you were born to do, for you are capable of so much more. I am proud that you do not give up despite these things, that you remain tender and loving and nurturing in a world that is dark and harsh and cold. And I hope someday I can make you proud, too. If I could think of other ways to say it, I would tell you: I love you, mom.


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