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Why the Pacific Coast Highway is Heaven on Earth

The seals seemed to be in perfect harmony with the sand, the waves, and the sky; it was as though nature was in symphony and I, merely the audience. Huddled against the wind in the quiet comfort of warm sand and each other, I longed to be as in accord with my sense of self… Continue reading Why the Pacific Coast Highway is Heaven on Earth


I Fell In Love With the Ocean

My love story is not quite the ordinary, for my lover extends thousands of miles and is unimaginably powerful. My lover is teeming with possibility, life forms of all shapes and sizes, a domain largely unknown to our species. My lover is infinitely unpredictable and has a spirit so wise and untouchable, I must admit… Continue reading I Fell In Love With the Ocean


A Bookstore from Heaven

   I have never been happier than in a room full of books. Reading has always been my escape. Captured within the pages of countless books are mystical worlds and heroic characters, made real by the words of their creators. Bookstores are my natural habitat, and recently I discovered one that I am certain dropped… Continue reading A Bookstore from Heaven


Art in the Bourgeois – Downtown Doors

There is no greater beauty than that of creating art within our everyday realities, and while being the typical tourist in the Silicon Valley, I discovered just that. In truth, we often become accustomed to the everyday, the bourgeois. The environments in which we place ourselves are often melancholy,¬†literally¬†50 shades of gray. Mailboxes, trash cans,… Continue reading Art in the Bourgeois – Downtown Doors


Nature’s Corpse

A recent excursion to Algonquin Provincial Park rekindled my passion for the preservation of the environment. Ontario Parks harvests trees in such a way that almost half of the wood is unused in order to improve convenience of transport, and it has been this way since the beginning of the logging industry in the 1800s.… Continue reading Nature’s Corpse