As winter’s cloak shrouded my land, I looked upon the shrivelled, dry, brown and dead flowers, shells of their former glory. In them I discovered a new kind of beauty, one sharp and poignant and dark, contrasted by the soft romance of flowers. I discovered that the reminders of what once was can be beautiful … More Remembrance


Darling, stop and smell the roses. Dare to bloom against all the rain and cold the storms of time place in your way. Blossom, for the world needs your colours, your vibrance.

Morning Sun

O Morning Sun, Bring light to my grey world. Show me the reds and yellows and pinks Of warmth, of hope, of resilience. Sing me the songs of dawn, Of new beginnings and peace. O Morning Sun, How do you rise each day Regardless of ice, of fire around you? O Morning Sun, Teach me … More Morning Sun


I long to be as fragile, as flexible as a leaf. I long to move with the wind, to be able to take in the sun’s energy and use it to create. I long to have the security of a branch, a tree holding me up. I long for the ability to live with the … More Fragility

Falling for Fall

There is something undoubtedly magical about this time of year.  As the leaves burst into song, perhaps a part of us does too. Perhaps as the leaves show us the colours of fire and warmth, we can absorb and radiate that energy. So sing on, dear reader, and harmonize with the world around you.