Be still, my aching heart You have weathered far too many storms To allow this one to break you. Be still, my wandering mind You are filled with so many wonders Yet to be discovered Be still, my wayward soul Life goes on and The sun still rises and There will come a better tomorrow. … More Serenity

The Wanderer

Restless Frantic Vagabond, They called him. Settle down, Find love, They told him. But he was in love, He said. He was in love with his freedom. He was in love, Not only with the castles of Europe, Or the forests of Brazil, The beaches of the Bahamas, The temples of India, But all of … More The Wanderer


Once upon a time, My star-crossed lover Sent me a reminder. A reminder That we Are stars, Held together by our own gravity. That even stars light years apart Join to form beautiful images, Creating constellations. That stars cannot shine Without darkness, Our lights shine brightest When surrounded by night. But most importantly, A reminder … More Starstruck

A Maze of Sound

I am trapped within a maze Built From the echoes of those who came before, The whispers of those who watch, The screams of those who suffer. My voice drowned out in the abyss By the static of the radio, The sweet nothings of the television screen, The roars of expectation, Of inhumane humanity. There … More A Maze of Sound

A Tale of Two

One was a little crooked, A little bent at the edges, A flake in a storm Much larger than it could grasp. But to him,  Two was perfect.  A crisp wisp of something beautiful.  The only problem – she was rather cold. Through the cacophony of the storm She heard his call, And despite the … More A Tale of Two