A Tale of Two

One was a little crooked, A little bent at the edges, A flake in a storm Much larger than it could grasp. But to him,  Two was perfect.  A crisp wisp of something beautiful.  The only problem – she was rather cold. Through the cacophony of the storm She heard his call, And despite the… Continue reading A Tale of Two

Photography, Writing

Morning Sun

O Morning Sun, Bring light to my grey world. Show me the reds and yellows and pinks Of warmth, of hope, of resilience. Sing me the songs of dawn, Of new beginnings and peace. O Morning Sun, How do you rise each day Regardless of ice, of fire around you? O Morning Sun, Teach me… Continue reading Morning Sun

Chasing Happiness

52 Things to Be Thankful For

Water. Your ability to read this. Fall leaves, their colours and the crunch they make when we step on them. The gift of possibility we are granted with each new day. Morgan Freeman's voice. Education, be it within walls or without. Communication, the ability to connect with one another. The smell of freshly baked bread.… Continue reading 52 Things to Be Thankful For